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 Sabrina Diaz & Hannah Bronfman.

Sabrina Diaz & Hannah Bronfman.

Sharing a passion of healthy superfoods and a clean, nourished lifestyle, Grass Roots Juicery and HBFIT have joined forces to create a unique line of products that fulfill their mutual love. Combining and aligning the three pillars of wellness: Health, Beauty and Fitness, this collaboration is dedicated to inspire, educate and improve the body and mind. Using unique, fresh ingredients that are prepared with love, our thoughtfully curated pairings support the trio of wellness and will get you on track to becoming your best self. We believe that beauty starts from within, so lets’s get started… you with us?




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Healthy should be fun!


Health is wealth and you only have one body so treat it right with these nourishing products targeted specifically to improve your health (your body will thank us).



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Work it out

Abs are made in the kitchen. Get fit from the inside out with our fitness inspired energy bar, drink and rawnola. 


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You are gorgeous!


Beauty is more than skin deep, it starts from within. Get your glow on and look like a 10 with our Beauty inspired, anti-inflammatory energy bar, drink and rawnola.